Let's get your career sorted,

because you deserve to have

energy & capacity for the things that matter.

It's simple.

Workplaces just aren't set up for you as an autistic person. You work hard navigating a workplace set up for neurotypicals, and spend your evenings recovering.

You're not seeing the success you want.

You don't have energy for the things you love.

You're tired.

It doesn't have to be like this.

You deserve a brilliant career AND you deserve true free time.

From coping strategies to improve your current job, to strategically designing and building your long-term career, get in touch to see how we can work together.

Hi, I'm Jess :)

I am a late-diagnosed autistic with a longstanding fascination with all things career development. I have seven years' experience in HR, recruitment, and development roles across public and private sectors. I have qualifications in coaching and HR (and soon in Understanding Autism). Put all of this together, and I'm well placed to support you.

If you're here, you're probably neurodivergent and struggling with something at work; whether it's navigating relationships and communication, people pleasing, or knowing that there must be a job out there that's better suited to your needs, I'm here to help.

You don't need a diagnosis to work with me - I work with people who are autistic-questioning, self-diagnosed, medically confirmed as autistic, and autistic people with co-occurring conditions like ADHD and dyslexia.

Why work with an autistic coach?

  • - we can co-create a judgement-free coaching experience which works for you and accommodates your needs

  • - it's easier to understand and be understood by fellow autistic people because of the 'double empathy' problem and shared lived experiences

  • - it's easier to unmask in front of other autistic people, so all of your cognitive energy can go towards thinking

Together, these important factors mean you can focus on the reason you came to coaching, rather than things like counting how many seconds you've made eye contact for.

Work with me

You deserve a career which enables you to live. Here's how I can help:


Let's create the perfect thinking space to work your way through current workplace issues, or strategically design your next career moves. You deserve a fulfilling career which builds wealth and doesn't leave you drained.


I work with organisations to provide career coaching to their autistic employees, and hold talks and workshops on neurodiversity in the workplace which I'm uniquely positioned to do as an autistic person with an HR background.

Client Testimonials

Some kind words from clients

Please note: clients listed below are taken from previous coaching services offered and therefore are not all neurodivergent.

I sought Jess's support not really knowing if I had anything to work through but within minutes of starting our first session I'd uncovered some resistance in my business. Each session was utilised to work through 3 very different areas of my life and they were naturally resolved with some well timed questions from Jess. It was very useful to talk to someone who was neutral and wasn't a friend as her advice was based on the facts and not her personal preferences or opinions.

I found I was avoiding being more visible when marketing my business and Jess helped me to talk it through to get to the route of the problem. Her style is very nurturing which I found so useful to work through the resistance. She was supportive and challenging when I said something which differed from what I had previously said and I found this useful to no longer fool or distract myself from what had been holding me back when making progress. I had previously tried to overcome being more visible on social media but without success and within one session Jess had helped me to no longer see any obstacles to doing it.

I would recommend anyone who feel's stuck or at a junction in their life to consider life coaching as the benefits can be life changing. Jess is so natural in her approach and yet there is a clear start and end within the evolution of her sessions. I found each session to be as useful as the previous one and regardless of your age or direction a yearly check in would be time well spent. I found I had clarity on my next steps, I had overcome anything I was allowing to get in my way and I was taking action to drive my business forward.


Jodie Phillips D.hyp, CH

Founder & Hypnotherapist

Jess was a brilliant coach. Her warm, friendly manner made me feel immediately at ease. She is very focused on her clients and can help identify areas to focus on. She has a range of exercises up her sleeve to explore topics, and can also recommend relevant reading and other activities to help between sessions. Jess is great at asking questions which make you reflect on the issue in a different way; she built my confidence around a range of issues such as decision-making, dislike of conflict and changing career direction. I would highly recommend Jess as a professional coach.

Martha MacLaren

HR Lead, Civil Service

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